All grantseekers are required to submit a proposal and supporting documents. Please follow the document guidelines provided below.

Proposals should include the following information (maximum 8 pages):

Summary of Request

A summary outlining the amount of funding requested, the need or opportunity addressed, the project title and, if applicable, the population the project will serve

Organization Background

History, mission, background of applicant, and ability to carry out the project

Project Description

A detailed description of the proposed project or program, goals, timeline, and plan for sustaining the work

Use of Funds

A narrative description of how the requested funds will be spent and justification


The plan for measuring progress and evaluating the results of the project

Previous Funding

If applicable, a summary outlining the status of other projects previously supported by the John & Marcia Goldman Foundation


Supporting Documents to include with proposal submission:

Project Budget

Breakdown of the income/expenses of the proposed project or program in its entirety

Organization Budget

The projected operating budget for current fiscal year

Funding History

Organization’s grant sources for past three years

Board of Directors

Organization’s current roster of board of directors/trustees


Three to five names who are familiar with, but have no direct affiliation to, either the organization or the project (provide title, organization and contact phone number and email address)

Verification of 501(c)(3) or Equivalent Status

Copy of federal tax-exemption or equivalent status letter


The above Supporting Documents should be submitted electronically (MS Excel and/or Word only, no PDF format) along with the Proposal.

For more details, download the Guidelines for Supporting Documents.
Download the following Supporting Document Samples:

Project Budget Sample

Organization Budget Sample

Funding History Sample

Board List Sample


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